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I received some exciting news this weekend as I took a very long overland journey from London back to Belfast after our flight was cancelled. I have been told that there will be a new comment to the blog on a very large donation. Sooooo, even though I could have complained about having a very long day of travel I was so pleased about the news that I smiled all the way home.

I will be meeting up with the person responsible for this wonderful news during the week and will make sure to update everyone as soon as I can.

On the journey – I was in London at the weekend seeing Ryan, Jacqueline and met Jacq’s parents for the first time, lovely people and we had a great time. Of course, while we were having dinner I received a text from younger son Rory about the ash cloud drifting over Ireland. This meant that on Sunday, instead of a gentle meander to the airport and a short flight home to Belfast we caught a train to Carlisle (really nice, the little I saw of it – will have to visit such a beautiful walled city), another train to Glasgow (always lovely!), taxi to Troon and then a ferry from Troon to Larne where my dad and brother picked us up around midnight. A very long day but the truth is that everone taking a similar trek home was smiling and cheerful. Why not? We were all able to manage the travel, we had food and seats available so why not make the best of it. I also had a really good book leant to me by my mum – ‘The Next Step in the Dance’ by Tim Gautreaux. Highly recommend this one, a lovely tale set in Louisiana.

This brings me nicely to the point of this blog. Even though I had a long day, I was comfortable and able to see that I would make it home, so I had nothing to grumble about. However, so many children in this world do not have the security of knowing that they know how their day will turn out, if they will have food, shelter, health education on this day or the ones to come.

Knowing that, shouldn’t we try to make sure that we can help just a little bit? Donating is the easy part, I donated my spare change, about £2, to a charity called IBA, as I entered the tube at Balham with Ryan. I have looked up the IBA and they are a charity who runs group activities for children and young adults from 5 – 18 who have disabilities. They are supported by London Underground and South-West trains hence the collections at the weekend.

The harder part is, I know, coming back to me and writing about your donations. I do really want to know which charities you like to support and what you wanted to be when you were 8. So, the normal blognag is:-

  • Please read this blog
  • Donate to a children’s charity of your choice and comment on my blog to let me know who and how much. As more people read the blog they will be able to see charities that they may not know about and would be interested in
  • Please also tell me what you wanted to be when you were 8 and perhaps what you are now and the route that you have taken. I am interested to hear about people and would love to see your story and let others share this with you.
  • Please share this blog with others!

I will be back soon with the big news so please keep checking out the blog.

Take care,



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