Giving is a Pleasure

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I thought I would blog today on the subject of giving. As a female, I am very in touch with my inner bloke. The inner bloke loves sport and hates shopping, very possibly a result of having 6 brothers and only 2 sisters (who came in as the last 2 in the 9). I therefore spent quite a few of my childhood years in goal when the boys were short of a player. I can confirm that I am not a very good goalie but at least I tried.

However, there is one time when the girlie in me does surface and that is shopping for other people. I actively enjoy shopping for presents for other people, matching gifts to people. I am not always successful but sometimes, especially when you aren’t really looking, you can find something very special.

My most recent and one of my best ‘accidental’ finds was in a recent weekend in London. I was visiting my eldest son and we were in a beautiful second-hand bookshop in Balham (incidentally old books smell gorgeous). I chanced upon a first edition of East of Eden by John Steinbeck and bought it for my mum, a huge Steinbeck fan. It isn’t quite as pristine as the picture below but it is still very lovely. Also, this wasn’t really an expensive gift but the giving of it was a huge rush for me……

The message of this tale is that I gained as much pleasure in giving this present as I think my mum had in receiving. So, to me, the old proverb, it is better to give than receive, is true.

Now, I don’t think that I am any kinder than anyone else out there. I think that most of us gain a lot of pleasure from giving and that we do it in small and big ways all the time. This applies to friends and to charities; most people see collection boxes and cannot pass them or donate regularly via work and/or personal means. Most of us work with the motto ‘treat others as you would wish to be treated’ as a core part of our being and this influences the way we think and act towards others.

All of the above is the foundation for me to write this blog. I, like most of us, think of myself as being quite kind. So, I felt that I had to act rather than just credit myself with the virtue. I decided that it wasn’t appropriate for me to credit myself without doing something. This is personal to me, I don’t want to sound holier than thou or pompous although please let me know if I am being either or both!

So, back on the blog message. I think most of you give to charities more often than you realise and I would like you to tell me about it. If you have read this blog before then you will know that I am keen to hear about children’s charities as I think children are those we need to protect most. All I want you to do after your donation is to come back and comment on this blog. I want to hear about which charity you gave to, the amount (however large or small as every penny helps!) and what you wanted to be when you were 8.

The last request is important as I am nosy and want to know about your childhood dreams; I am also interested to know if your dreams came true or how they changed into your adult ambitions. I also think that by commenting on this blog and encouraging others to read this blog and repeat the process, that we will publicize the charities themselves. All charities rely on people to show interest, to volunteer and for their funding. This is why I am happy to write about each charity I hear about from you as I think that any publicity for these organisations will hopefully be useful.

So, please read this blog, donate to the charity you choose, come back and tell me about the donation and what you wanted to be at 8. Then please tell others about this blog.

Happy reading and come back soon.



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