It’s a weird world, this blogging

June 20, 2010 at 4:55 pm Leave a comment

As a recent convert to blogging, I am finding it a slightly surreal experience as I type words that end up out there for all to see. However, I do love to look at other blogs and occasionally comment when I find interesting, educational, challenging or funny posts. I do like to see what goes on in other people’s worlds as it makes me both laugh and think.

I am also aware that my blog may be considered very one-dimensional, that is very true. I blog with a purpose and that purpose is to get people to donate to children’s charities. I hope I am not considered too worthy or dull because of this but that is a risk I will take. My comeback to this would be to ask you to check out my Twitter link as you will see that I am more bonkers than worthy, or at least I hope so. In the meantime, I come back to my main purpose and my theme for today and every other day:-))

We are living in challenging times with recession, cutbacks and belt-tightening measures being introduced day on day. This is the reality of life at the minute but the impacts on individuals will be life-changing and not for the better. This means that fundraising for charities will become that much harder and many charities may struggle meaning that they will be able to help fewer people. Therefore, any small impact I have in promoting giving to children’s charities will be enough for me.

So, the normal message from me – please donate directly to a children’s charity of your choice. Then come back to this blog and tell me about the charity and the amount. I also want to know what you wanted to be when you were 8 . For those of you who had a fortunate childhood this was an age when you had all the innocence and happy ambition to believe that anything and everything was possible. Just comment anywhere on the blog.

I will continue to keep a record of all donations and charities and I promise to respond to all comments. The Totals Page will show all donations and links to the charities donated to. I will store all comments on The Comments Page so that everyone can see what contributors wanted to be when they were 8.

So, please, come write to me, so many people donate in passing or regularly. I know there are lots of people out there who want to support children and I hope that you will find the comments of others as interesting as I do.

Take care of you and yours,



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