Plan for a New Page?

July 3, 2010 at 11:51 am Leave a comment

I’m sitting here mulling over what I would like to do on next on this blog. I am delighted that I have had a couple of new ideas and charities mooted to me over the last couple of weeks. I will be updating the totals page over this weekend but realised that when I do that I only mention the latest donations and charities.

So, thinking as I go, I am going to approach all of the charities that have been/hopefully will be mentioned on this blog. I will create a new page on the blog to talk more about the charities and the work they do. I will ask their permission before I do this and am hopeful they will agree. As permission is received I will add to the new page, simples!

In the meantime, you know what I want, don’t you? Please take the following small steps:-

  • Donate to a valid children’s charity of your choice. It is easy to do – online, collection boxes, Give as You Earn. Only give if and what you can afford. There have been large donations talked about on this blog but any amount is important and I am delighted for one pound, dollar, euro, yen to reach a charity.
  • Visit this blog and comment anywhere with the charity, amount including currency and please also tell me what you wanted to be when you were 8. I love the stories of childish ambitions:-)

I will then:-

  • Add your donation to the Totals page on this blog, currently at £1160:-)
  • I will also write some words about the current donations and the charity
  • All comments will be stored on the comments page so that you can see what charities people are interested in and also what a variety of 8 year old ambitions we have already. Some choices have been mum, detective, clown, writer and my personal favourite, a trawler deckhand. Also added to my faves is the most recent choice from Ellis who wanted to be a Roman soldier. I am looking forward to way more surprises from you all.

The steps are simple and if you like the idea please tell others so that they will come and tell me their stories.

In the meantime, take care of you and yours.


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