What Do I Need To Do?

June 5, 2011 at 4:39 pm 4 comments

I blog to get people to donate to kid’s charities. I don’t want money, I want you to donate direct to a children’s charity then write to me by commenting on the blog. Please read the ‘About Lesley’ section of the blog to find out why I do this; the Comments and Running Totals pages to see how far we have come…

Okay, did you read the usual spiel at the start of my blogpost?  It is possible that you have seen it so often that you skip it now? I am conscious of this and have been thinking. Do I need a new tack? Should I look at gimmickry? I do want more readers and I want more people to write to me. Simple, some might say. However, it has been a while since I had a new comment about a donation to a children’s charity. I’m not too scunnered, we all have busy lives. This is only my attempt to make you think about the charities you would like to support. I’m not here to push guilt, I am here to divert you occasionally, at least I hope so.

So, what do I need to do, where do I need to go? I am open to suggestion, please feel free to point me in a new direction. I don’t really do politics on here, I don’t want to be partisan. I touch on politics when I write about news; the rest tends to be my opinions on life, sport, the odd spot of humour. However, I am well aware of the dangers with the blog; I sound the same and you all get bored, that wouldn’t be so good.

I have done a little research too. A note of caution, google ‘blog ideas’ you only have yourself to blame. The world of the internet marketer must be fascinating to some but really doesn’t grab me. Dig a little deeper though and the general advice is this:-

  • Link to sites that are interesting/related to your blog? Check – link to the Running Totals page with the list of charities donated to.
  • Current Events? Check – many of my posts are related to news.
  • Recommendations? Hmmmm, do you want to read my list of favourite books? Really? Let me know.
  • Reviews? Hoot! I am not a critic and do not want to be but if you want my opinion on a film then leave a comment; I will be glad to go all Barry Norman.
  • How to? Check – you have my recipe for broth.
  • Tips? Not an area I have explored yet. What tips would you like? Personally, I think google may have this one covered.

One link I will share with you before I close. The reason I blog is that I want all children to smile like this. This always makes me smile – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JmA2ClUvUY&feature=related

I close with my normal request to you:-

  • Donate to a valid children’s charity of your choice. It is easy to do – online, collection boxes, Give as You Earn. Any amount is important and I am delighted for one pound, dollar, euro, yen to reach a charity. Donate a present to a family or child that will not have the holiday season that you might expect and plan for.
  • Visit this blog and comment anywhere with the charity, amount including currency and please also tell me what you wanted to be when you were 8. I love the stories of childish ambitions.

I will then:-

  • Add your donation to the Totals page on this blog, totals are updated weekly.
  • I will also write some words about the current donations and the charity
  • All comments will be stored on the comments page so that you can see what charities people are interested in and also what a variety of 8-year-old ambitions we have already. I am looking forward to way more surprises from you all.

The steps are simple. Again, if you like the idea please tell others so that they will come and tell me their stories.

Take care of you and yours.


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There Are No Words. Walkies? Oh My…..

4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. WitteringWitney  |  June 5, 2011 at 7:00 pm

    Well, you did ask…………

    Never having been blessed with having sired a child is the reason no doubt that one of the last charities I would think of supporting is a children’s charity. However, that is not to denigrate your attempts to benefit children who are suffering in one way or another.

    Digressing slightly, you say you do not ‘do politics’, or at least only on rare occasions, however politics affects most of us one way or another. A friend of mind posed a question which I have yet to hear anyone able to answer. The question was name 6 things in your life that is not affected by politics/politicians.

    I raise that point because far too many charities now have political aims and are used by governments to further their – the governments – agenda. To any charity to which I am asked to donate I have but one question – who are the recipients, in which countries are they based, how much of what I give actually ends up with the intended recipients and what percentage of the charity’s income comes from donations.

    My criteria for giving is that the money is used for the benefit of those in my country. I would be tempted to support any children’s charity that fought for the rights of children taken away from their family by social services, often for spurious and unfounded reasons.

    It sounds from what you write that donations are ‘slow’ which may be for a variety of reasons: (a) people do not wish to appear ‘boastful’ of what they have donated; (b) that in these ‘straightened times’ people are sparing with donations; or (c) that Children in Need has cornered the market in the children charity donating field.

    I do not believe that I am alone in holding such views, although I stand to be corrected.

    Anyway, as I say, I do applaud your aim and wish you all the luck in what you do. It is also hoped that the comments above may provide a clue in respect of where you take your blog.

    • 2. when i was 8 i wanted to be....  |  June 6, 2011 at 11:00 pm

      Ah Mr Witney,

      Yes, I did ask:)

      I agree with you that politics are part and parcel of everyone’s lives. Perhaps I should have qualified my writing by saying I don’t do party politics? I am happy to blog occasionally on the political themes of the day, for instance, I blogged on big society but I don’t align myself to any mainstream party when I blog.

      On the business of charities, yes, they are businesses. They align to politics and lobby with the rest of big business. I realise all of this goes on. Some charities have been exposed as money-making enterprises with the secondary function being assistance. However, it is not my place to prescribe against particular charities or the locations where those charities are active; the choice will always be with the individual. Also, what is the alternative? Isn’t it better that we see a (hopefully large) percentage of funds raised going to help children? I have to think that something is better than nothing to those in very real need.

      I read your criteria and agree that you should do what works for you. I do find the removal of children from their families very hard when the reasons are as you say spurious. The flip side is that we too often see what can happen when children are left in place and shouldn’t be. I do not envy Social Services their role as they are frequently caught between that rock and hard place. However, I know the system is not perfect and would hope that the improvements often talked about will be put in place to make children safer regardless.

      Donations are slow, a sad fact:( I agree with your reasons but would add one more. I need to get my blog read by a wider audience as I may have exhausted everyone who reads it regularly? That was the reason for the theme of my post. I need to appeal to more people with my words to get them to write to me, something I am mulling….

      Thank you for your good wishes. Our opinions may differ slightly but I think we can agree on many things.

      Lesley x

      • 3. WitteringWitney  |  June 7, 2011 at 8:14 am


        I was not saying that you should bring politics, or any party, into your writing, just that it has an effect as you realise. Neither was I suggesting that one charity should be favoured over another, again as you acknowledge.

        On the removal of children I was – and should have made plainer – writing about those cases highlighted by Christopher Booker in his Sunday Telegraph column; not those cases where maltreatment is the case.

        On the question of appealing to a wider audience, suggestion: Why not design a logo/avatar and I for one would willingly put this in my sidebar with a link to wherever you wanted?

        Just a thought………..

      • 4. when i was 8 i wanted to be....  |  June 7, 2011 at 9:28 pm


        Thank you for coming back to me and I agree with the Christopher Booker comment.

        A logo? Confession from me – I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler:( However, one of my sons is rather talented in that department, I may get him to design me something rather funky! Thank you, what a lovely suggestion, watch this space:)

        Lesley x

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