How Do We Deal With This?

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I do this for a reason. I want you to donate to a children’s charity and write to me. Please see the About Lesley page or read the instructions at the end of this post…..

A serious post today….

I have been reading about the guilty verdict from the London ‘Witchcraft Torture’ trial. I could add links to the media reports but what I read was so horrifying that I won’t. If you want to read the reports you will easily find it from Google. I will say only this, a young man was tortured for days by his sister and her boyfriend and finally drowned in a bath. His only ‘crime’? They suspected him of being a witch.

The newspapers report that this is a potentially growing problem and is massively under-reported. A quote in the Guardian stated ‘”We were concerned about this before this trial of Kristy Bamu,” said Debbie Ariyo, executive director of Africans Unite Against Child Abuse (Afruca), who added that a boom in pentecostal churches was leading to more children being accused of witchcraft.’

It is easy for me to sit here and be puzzled. It is easy for me to sit here and type these words. What is difficult is how this is tackled. What steps can we take to protect children from such strong superstitions? I say superstitions but these are beliefs held by certain religions, or at least that is what they call themselves. Religion should be kind but history and the daily news show it can be very cruel. When you read the holy books their basis is in love, caring and kindness to others. I cannot call something that uses fear and superstition to brainwash and control people a religion. It is a power-play with that power used for abuse. Shame on those who do this; they are not good, they are the antithesis of what religion is meant to be.

My plea to anyone who holds these beliefs is to question themselves and their beliefs. Children are not witches because they have epilepsy or autism. Children are not witches because they are mischievous. Children are not witches because they can take some time to learn. Think about it people, hurting a child is wrong, always and utterly wrong.

I hope some good comes out of the sadness of Kristy Bamu’s death. I read that the Victoria Climbie Foundation will work with the Bamu family and friends to educate schools and communities. I hope it gives the Climbie family some comfort that their foundation may be able to make a difference here. I also hope this horrendous case will ensure that the communities and police can come together to put a halt to this heinous abuse of innocents. With reports stating that there have been 83 reports of this abuse in the last ten years but that this only touches the surface, efforts must be made to put an end to this obscenity.

My thoughts go to the Bamu family; my hopes to those who will think and turn away from this path.

I close, as always, with this:-

  • Please donate to a valid children’s charity of your choice.
  • Visit this blog and comment about your donation. Please also tell me what you wanted to be when you were 8. I still want to collect those tales and hope that some child will read about your words and deeds and want to do the same when they are older.

I will:-

  • Add your donation to the Totals page on this blog, totals are updated weekly.
  • I will also write some words about the current donations and the charity
  • Store all comments so that everyone can read them.

Thank you for reading.



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