Angry, Angry, Angry…

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I do this for a reason. I want you to donate to a children’s charity and write to me. Please see the About Lesley page or read the instructions at the end of this post…..

I was very angry yesterday evening. The reason isn’t important but I was, as they say here, fit to be tied. It was 9pm and I wanted a relaxed Saturday evening but what did I do? I lifted my keys and drove off. I add quickly that I was stone cold sober in case anyone thinks I would be so foolish as to drive after drinking. What did I do on my drive? I allowed my mind to cool down, nothing more, nothing less. I didn’t want to talk, didn’t want to listen, I just wanted to be in my own head.

I don’t get angry very often. I think I spend so much time looking at/for the reasons in others’ opinions that I reason myself out of it. I get very frustrated with myself for this; why do I always look at other people’s views when I don’t think they necessarily do the same for me? Perhaps I should just lose the plot every now and then? I did once see red, literally. It was many years ago, my son was only seven and someone shouted at him aggressively. It was a strange sensation, a band of heat travelled from my feet to the top of my head; when it reached my eyes I saw red. I did give the shouter a taste of his own medicine and felt much better for it though I wonder what my blood pressure must have been. I don’t know if anyone else has had a taste of the red mist? I would not have believed it unless it happened to me but be aware, red mist is real.

It has started me thinking about anger. I heard this week about a ‘road rage’ incident on a friend when a driver was trying to get into her car when she was on her own. He then followed her in his car trying to give more abuse. This behaviour was appalling, she was driving properly and safely, his bad driving nearly caused an accident, he lost his temper and tried to blame her. I see too many examples of people being disproportionately angry over small or perceived slights.

This prompted me to read a little about anger. A little anger would appear to be healthy on occasion. It stirs up the mind and body, generating increased heart rate and adrenalin. In times of danger anger is a good, setting you up for the fight or flight response. This is appropriate but most of us do not face true danger in everyday life. What triggers anger in normal life? Is it our own thoughts, the actions of others or are some of us simply angry all the time? What are we supposed to do with all this overheated emotion? Are we all angrier now? When I read the newspapers many of then talk of shock and horror. They want to stir up outrage, using small snippets of news to promote their underlying political agenda. Since when is it right for the media to control our emotions? What is the point of creating Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells? Has reason flown out the window? I wonder if the modern thing is that anger replace reason, if that is the case them I am worried.

I also wonder what triggers the anger of those who read this blog. More importantly, I wonder how this anger is dealt with. Do people rant and scream? I can only think that is effective only a couple of times; if this is consistent behaviour then do you just become Mr or Miss Angry? If that is your persona are you listened to or does your rant become background noise to be ignored. Perhaps some of you suppress it all. That is not healthy either. Long-time suppression surely leads to inner stress and ‘getting back’ in other ways. I would be interested to know the best way to deal with anger. I know what I did – after my drive last night I was calmer and conversation today means the situation is resolved. I know this time I was right to be angry and perhaps in future I will not let my ‘see all sides’ persona take the lead.

I close, as always, with this:-

  • Please donate to a valid children’s charity of your choice.
  • Visit this blog and comment about your donation. Please also tell me what you wanted to be when you were 8. I still want to collect those tales and hope that some child will read about your words and deeds and want to do the same when they are older.

I will:-

  • Add your donation to the Totals page on this blog, totals are updated weekly.
  • I will also write some words about the current donations and the charity
  • Store all comments so that everyone can read them.

Thank you for reading.



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