The Saddest News of All.

March 15, 2012 at 9:53 pm Leave a comment

I often search the news websites for stories about children. Unfortunately this week there are many sad stories to choose from. Chief among them is the coach crash in Switzerland earlier this week where six adults and twenty-two children were killed. Eight of the passengers returned home to Belgium today but many remain in hospital.

When we see a news report like this most of us will say how our hearts go out to the parents. We try to put ourselves in that position but I know for most it is too difficult a step. I feel only those who have lost a much-loved child can ever truly understand that kind of pain. For the rest of us we cannot truly empathise as this would take us to a place that is too dark, too bleak.

I wish I could issue some words of comfort to the grieving parents but I am sure any words I have would be hollow and of no real comfort. Family and close friends, perhaps counselling from those who have experienced such loss, I think that would be the only way to try and cope? I can only say that I am deeply sorry for their loss.

I will say no more on this nor add my normal request. Sometimes it doesn’t feel right……

Thank you for reading.



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Angry, Angry, Angry… Lovely George….

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