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How was it for you?

A little reminder of why I do this. The premise is simple. You donate to a childrens charity and comment on this blog about the donation and what you wanted to be when you were 8. Want to know more? Please read the About Lesley page….

Well, are you all set? Have you dusted off those resolutions that you spin out every year? Will  you be fitter, leaner, healthier, nicer in 2012? I tease a little but we do dance the same dance at the end of every year don’t we. I am the same, I have my resolutions for 2012 too.

Chief among my resolutions is to blog more. I haven’t blogged consistently lately, shame on me. I have been tired and a bit word-blocked. Therefore my resolution is to ignore those periods when my brain is empty; I will simply type words and see how they fall. I am never completely happy with the posts but hope this approach doesn’t let me down; please keep your fingers crossed for me.

My first thought when preparing for the new 2012 me is look at what has gone before. 2011 was an up and down year, some bits good, others not so much. I have re-read some of my posts from this closing year and conclude that I can be a bit random. I like random so that is okay. In the 45 posts of 2011 I have covered jokes, the Olympic torch, super-injunctions, the Apprentice and sheep! I have also covered drought, famine, war, natural disasters and the power of words. The latter are the posts that mean more to me, naturally enough. However, the more random posts help me write, I need to look at the bright side of life as looking only at the dark leaves you numb and unable to write. I had posted recently that I was going to focus on the serious but realise now that this is too much. Without some balance and hopefully some smiles I will lose the ability to write effectively.

Before I start my new 2012, I will share with you my favourite posts of 2011. They may seem eclectic but aren’t we all?

Firstly, my top three not so serious posts:-

My Home – I just had to include this post didn’t I? Anyone who knows me knows my love for Northern Ireland or Norn Iron if you want to say it ‘proper like’.  There are many flaws here and things will never be perfect but it is a genuinely beautiful place. Also, the home of the Tayto crisp, the like of which you will never see elsewhere (except by mail-order!). The other reason I wanted to include this post is the words of others; the opinions of fellow tweeters about my home. They all made me smile.

I Want! There is one reason for including this post, the picture of the bag. Simples:)

Chortles! I have this post in my top three because the jokes still make me laugh. The fun of going through my posts from 2011 is that I have found these. Laughter is so important; true merriment is the stuff of life. On that note, I will share with you the best ever Cracker joke. It came out of my cracker on Christmas Day and I giggle every time I think of it.

Question – How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts?

Answer – With jammin 🙂

Now for my favourite serious posts of the year:-

Imagine – This post helped me acknowledge my own good fortune whilst, I hope, making you think of those struggling with life and death.

Walkies? Oh My. This was my post about me doing something, not just writing about it. It wasn’t for a children’s charity, it was on behalf of those I love who have been impacted by cancer. I will also thank again all of those I know from real life and twitter for helping me raise £285 for Macmillan Cancer.

What is Poverty? I choose this post as it looks at matters closer to home. Local charities are as important as international ones.

I hope you enjoyed my small wander through my blogging 2011. I will now look forward to 2012 and wish you all health and happiness for the New Year. I will clink a glass to you at midnight, may some dreams you dream come true……

I close, as always, with this:-

  • Donate to a valid children’s charity of your choice.
  • Visit this blog and comment about your donation. Please also tell me what you wanted to be when you were 8. I still want to collect those tales and hope that some child will read about your words and deeds and want to do the same when they are old enough.

I will:-

  • Add your donation to the Totals page on this blog, totals are updated weekly.
  • I will also write some words about the current donations and the charity
  • Store all comments so that everyone can read them.

Thank you for reading.


December 31, 2011 at 6:40 pm 2 comments

Happy New Year from Me to You!

I blog to get people to donate to kid’s charities. I don’t want money, I want you to donate direct to a children’s charity then write to me by commenting on the blog. Please read the ‘About Lesley’ section of the blog to find out why I do this; the Comments and Running Totals pages to see how far we have come….

It is early evening on January 1st 2011 as I sit tapping on the keys. I partied last night with friends and had a whale of a time. Today has been a quiet day, I have been thinking. I am an over-thinker, always have been. There are advantages and disadvantages to over-thinking. Advantages? I try to understand how others feel before I speak and act, well at least most of the time. Disadvantages? I spend too much time thinking:)

However, today I have enjoyed a little ponder, I have been mulling over the blog. This is my 66th post since April 2010 when I started. It has been a great experience for me. I have talked to many new people and heard about their support for great causes aiding children. I have been able to talk about some amazing organisations as I add your donations to the blogroll. Although it can be hard to read stories of hardship it is heartwarming to see what a difference the charities make with the money we send to them. It worries me what would happen if people didn’t donate……

So, dear readers of this blog, I want to thank you. You have been very kind to me. You read my daft words and you write back to me. Blogging is not a solitary pasttime for me, I need you to read, write, retweet and support me for this to be a success. I truly appreciate the time you spend here…..

I wish you all health, happiness and a peaceful 2011. Remember to enjoy life and be kind but don’t forget to have some sparkle and fun too:) This is how you make me feel:-

I close with my normal request to you:-

  • Donate to a valid children’s charity of your choice. It is easy to do – online, collection boxes, Give as You Earn. Any amount is important and I am delighted for one pound, dollar, euro, yen to reach a charity. Donate a present to a family or child that will not have the holiday season that you might expect and plan for.
  • Visit this blog and comment anywhere with the charity, amount including currency and please also tell me what you wanted to be when you were 8. I love the stories of childish ambitions.

I will then:-

  • Add your donation to the Totals page on this blog, totals are updated weekly.
  • I will also write some words about the current donations and the charity
  • All comments will be stored on the comments page so that you can see what charities people are interested in and also what a variety of 8-year-old ambitions we have already. I am looking forward to way more surprises from you all.

The steps are simple. Again, if you like the idea please tell others so that they will come and tell me their stories.

Take care of you and yours.


January 1, 2011 at 9:17 pm 3 comments


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